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Cocopeat Absorbent Pillow
The Cocopeat Absorbent Pillow is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for managing liquid spills, specifically designed to provide effective containment and absorption of oils and hydrophobic substances. Made from natural cocopeat fibers derived from coconut husks, this absorbent pillow combines high absorbency with sustainability.
Key Features:
1.    High Absorbent Capacity:
•    The cocopeat fibers within the pillow boast a remarkable absorbent capacity, allowing them to absorb several times their weight in oils and other hydrophobic liquids.
2.    Natural Affinity for Oils:
•    Cocopeat has a natural affinity for oils, making it an ideal material for absorbing and encapsulating spilled oil, preventing further contamination.
3.    Eco-Friendly and Renewable:
•    Derived from coconut husks, cocopeat is a renewable resource, making these pillows an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional absorbents.
4.    Versatile Application:
•    The cocopeat absorbent pillow is suitable for use in various spill response scenarios, including industrial facilities, workshops, laboratories, and areas prone to oil spills.
5.    Easy to Handle:
•    The pillow design ensures ease of handling during deployment. Simply place the pillows strategically over the spill to create a containment barrier.
6.    Low Dust and Lint:
•    Cocopeat typically has low dust and lint content, reducing the risk of airborne particles during deployment and cleanup.
7.    Biodegradable and Sustainable:
•    After use, the cocopeat absorbent pillow is biodegradable, contributing to sustainable and environmentally conscious spill response practices.
•    Oil Spill Response:
•    Effective containment and absorption of oil spills on land or water.
•    Industrial Settings:
•    Ideal for use in industrial facilities, workshops, and manufacturing plants to manage oil and hydrophobic liquid spills.
•    Laboratories and Workshops:
•    Suitable for laboratories and workshops where controlled spill response is essential.
•    Transportation and Storage:
•    Convenient for addressing spills during the transportation or storage of oil-containing materials.
Usage Instructions:
1.    Assessment:
•    Assess the spill size and type to determine the quantity of cocopeat absorbent pillows needed.
2.    Deployment:
•    Place the pillows strategically over the spill to create a barrier and absorb the spilled liquid.
3.    Monitoring:
•    Monitor the absorption process and replace pillows as needed until the spill is contained and absorbed.
4.    Collection and Disposal:
•    Collect used pillows, along with the absorbed material, and dispose of them following local regulations.
The Cocopeat Absorbent Pillow is a reliable and sustainable solution for spill response, providing an effective way to manage and clean up oil and hydrophobic liquid spills while minimizing environmental impact.


Spill Prevention:Pillow

400mm x 400mm

400mm x 800mm

800mm x 800mm

Spill Prevention:Pillow

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