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MX-60 is a water soluble, powerful, fast acting quick break degreaser that is especially designed to lift oil, grease and other hydro carbon soils, and then release the oil again so it can be more efficiently separated in an oil separation tank.


Remediation:MX60 Degreaser

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MX-60  can be used to clean up most general soiling, but has been specifically formulated to act as a quick break degreaser for combating hydro carbons in the following Industries:

  • Oil remediation
  • Oil separation tanks
  • Workshops
  • Wash Bays
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • General


  • MX-60 can be applied by hand, or with foaming/high pressure equipment
  • MX-60 can be diluted 20-50mls per litre (2-5 %) preferably with water (ideally 50ºC) depending on the severity of soil to be removed
  • For Heavy duty degreasing: Dilute1:1 to 1:3
  • Apply to soiling
  • Allow time for the product to penetrate oil or dirt
  • Agitate with a hard brush/broom if possible
  • Ideally rinse with high pressure
  • Use warm water to increase product efficacy
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