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Cocopeat Universal Absorbent Scatter
Introducing our Cocopeat Universal Absorbent Scatter, a dynamic and sustainable solution designed to efficiently manage liquid spills of diverse nature. Crafted from natural cocopeat fibers derived from coconut husks, this scatter offers a versatile and eco-friendly approach to spill response. With its high absorbent capacity, natural affinity for oils, and ease of deployment, this universal absorbent scatter is an essential tool for rapid and effective cleanup.
Key Features:
1.    Versatile Absorbent Capacity:
•    The cocopeat fibers in this scatter boast exceptional absorbent capabilities, making it suitable for spills of oils, chemicals, and various liquids.
2.    Natural Affinity for Oils:
•    Cocopeat's innate attraction to oils ensures quick absorption, making it effective for managing spills and preventing further environmental impact.
3.    Eco-Friendly and Renewable:
•    Derived from renewable coconut husks, cocopeat is an environmentally conscious alternative, aligning with sustainable spill response practices.
4.    Universal Application:
•    Ideal for dispersing over spills in a wide range of settings, including industrial facilities, laboratories, workshops, and transportation spill sites.
5.    Easy to Deploy:
•    The scatter design allows for easy handling and uniform distribution over the spill area, facilitating quick and efficient containment.
6.    Low Dust and Lint:
•    Cocopeat typically has low dust and lint content, reducing the risk of airborne particles during deployment and cleanup operations.
7.    Biodegradable Material:
•    After use, the cocopeat absorbent scatter is biodegradable, contributing to sustainable and environmentally responsible spill response practices.
•    Industrial Settings:
•    Effective for scattering over oil or chemical spills in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and workshops.
•    Laboratories:
•    Suitable for dispersing over spills of chemicals and hazardous substances in laboratory environments.
•    Transportation and Storage:
•    Convenient for addressing spills during the transportation or storage of oil-containing materials.
•    Emergency Spill Response:
•    Essential for rapid response to unexpected spills in various settings, ensuring quick containment and cleanup.
Usage Instructions:
1.    Assessment:
•    Evaluate the spill size and type to determine the quantity of cocopeat universal absorbent scatter needed.
2.    Deployment:
•    Scatter the absorbent material evenly over the spill area, ensuring complete coverage for effective containment.
3.    Monitoring:
•    Monitor the absorption process, adding more scatter as needed until the spill is contained and absorbed.
4.    Collection and Disposal:
•    Collect used scatter along with the absorbed material and dispose of them following local environmental regulations.
The Cocopeat Universal Absorbent Scatter is a sustainable and adaptable solution for managing diverse liquid spills, providing a natural and effective means to contain and clean up spills while minimizing environmental impact.

Absorbents:Absorbetech Standard 10Kg

SKU: AST0110
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