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This procedure is followed when attending to ingrained hydrocarbon spillage over large areas of  concrete surfaces.

The affected area is sprayed with an efficient degreasing agent to lift the ingrained waste matter. This could include diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid and rubber paste from the tyres of vehicles. Utilizing mechanical brushes the degreaser is worked into the surface well in order to release the contaminant and then our absorbent ABSORBETECH, is added to the mix. This will absorb all the waste matter lifted from the concrete by the degreasing agent and will be removed prior to the high pressure spraying which will complete the whole operation. The products used offer no danger to the environment as the waste is gathered is either sent to an appropriate waste site or allowed to biodegrade within the confines of the actual area where it was created. ABSORBETECH is organic and will easily degrade over a short period of time.

ABSORBETECH is manufactured from the waste stream of an existing industry and as such does not add to the non-biodegradable waste stream nor does it harm the environment in which it is applied since it will itself decompose rapidly.

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